Mikhail Blagosklonny: Providing Insight in Cancer and Aging Discipline

Great strides have been taken the field in the advancement of the medical sector. With the use of the modern technology, the scientists and Doctors have improved the quality medication. One department that has significantly benefited has been the Cancer sector. Significant developments are being done, and now we can dare to dream of a cancer-free world.

Scientists have developed and are still researching and developing new treatments for a variety cancer condition. One of the researches being done is on the TOR Signaling in Aging and Cancer. Mikhail Blagosklonny has drawn up this hypothesis. The hypothesis will be tested using the Rapamycin. Read more on Impact Journals.

Rapamycin is cancer drug used by many patients. The drug also other functions as it act as an immunosuppressant. It works in preventing the human body from rejecting a transplant especially the kidney transplants. The drug is successful in fighting cancer but has also been used to aid in life extension.

Mikhail is a scientist who has done research on Cancer and aging. He is also involved in research on cancer and cancer therapies. He is specifically interested in the treatment that protects the cells from damage. He has built a reputable career through his different research projects. Mikhail is a passionate advocate for the Rapamycin and its role in life extension.

Mikhail Blagosklonny earned his M.D in internal medicine from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. Soon after, he decided to pursue his Ph.D. in experimental medicine and Cardiology from the same University. Mikhail academic career started when he joined the New York Medical College as the associate professor of medicine. He later took the position of senior scientist at the Ordway Research Institute. He is the professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Mikhail has participated in different editorial activities. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Aging, Cell Cycle, and Oncotarget. He is a member of the editorial board of Cell and Differentiation Journal. Mikhail serves as the associate editor of the Cancer Biology and Therapy. View Mikhail’s profile on Google Scholar

Mikhail has published 270 peer-reviewed journals on several publication sites.

MB2 Dental And The Secret To A Healthy Life

Every day, we are more aware of the importance of smiling in our lives. Not only because it is synonymous with good health or correct oral hygiene, but also because of its repercussion in practically every aspect of our day-to-day life, from the workplace to romance, to any situation in which the way we present ourselves is key, and our teeth are our best introductory card.


The dentists at MB2 Dental know the concerns that have been created around the aesthetics of our oral cavity and, therefore, they propose a series of ideas to take care of a smile. The simple fact of smiling, even if it is timid, brings many benefits on a personal and relational level. And it is not the same to show health as to teach the world the precarious oral hygiene that you carry out. We at MB2 Dental know that oral health is a fundamental pillar always accompanied by regular visits to the dental clinic.


Taking Care Of Everything


It is undeniable that the physical aspect affects in many important situations of our life. The importance of the image grows as time passes. The fashion industry and cosmetic surgery are in their golden age, and the options we have are either to settle and live with a bad face or try to get the best of ourselves. However, there is the possibility of taking care of ourselves in a way that our physical appearance is improved not only without damaging our health but improving it considerably. For this, there are three infallible tips, exercise, healthy eating, and care and caring for our teeth. The last two are clearly beneficial to our dental health, but today we will focus on the second and its effect on our image, and in MB2 Dental, we are dentists that care for every single customer as a special case.


MB2 Dental have created a clinic of dental practice, which puts your smile as the center of attention, attending every patient’s needs in a safe, professional and reliable environment. Customers love the results that you can get with the combination of our advanced technology and experience. They are a group of professionals of the oral health, graduated in prestigious schools worldwide dedicated to passionate way for years to the dentistry. They are committed to carrying out their work, with excellent quality, with the best dental materials, at a fair price, adapted to every client’s possibilities.



Squaw Valley Officials Release Statement

Recent heavy storms in Squaw Valley’s upper mountain region caused E. coli and coliform bacteria to penetrate the water system in the ski resort’s well system. The reports show that E. coli is no longer detectable and coliform bacteria is much lower now that officials at the resort and local agencies have worked together on solutions to the problem.


Squaw Valley released a statement to assure consumers that they are working hand in hand with experts to resolve any remaining issues with the water. The decision to keep restaurants on the mountain closed is in the best interest of visitors. Skiing services are still in full function. Bottled water is available for guests, free of charge, until the issue is resolved. No customer has reported health issues caused by the formation of the bacteria, as none were exposed to the problem at any time.


The statement released by the resort relates that High Camp and Gold Coast will not reinstate full use of water until experts in the field and health officials agree that it is safe to do so. The Squaw Valley ski resorts continue to monitor the situation and their wish is to provide safety at all levels. Management will update those who visit or wish to visit the resorts when the full restoration of bacteria-free water is achieved.


High Top and Gold Coast resorts take their responsibility to customers seriously. They pride themselves on excellent customer service and this situation does not change that dedication. Water quality is their top priority at this time and public support of the businesses will help see them through this trying time.








Cotemar Mexico Uses Innovative Technology Solutions

Cotemar has been in operation since the year 1979. This oil company has weathered the economic crisis in Brazil to be among the world’s leading oil companies. If it were not for their input, the oil industry in Brazil would probably be lagging behind. They bring with them a skill-set and experience that makes oil mining in Brazil running even when things aren’t so smooth and when the nature’s elements threaten to handicap the industry.





When Cotemar was first founded, they offered services in two lines. Cotemar served the oil industry serving them with food and lodging services. They also offered specialized vessels which served the Campeche Bay. Later they acquired vessels that would transport people and offer maintenance services to the various oil rigs that contracted them. Three years saw them purchase more vessels that would specialize in the transportation of employees while others specialized in the transportation of materials.



In the year 1985, Cotemar saw significant growth as they acquired their first rig. The rig would provide catering and accommodation to personnel who were working in the rigs. This was just the beginning of their onshore activities. In three years’ time the company had brought more vessels to add to their fleet. The vessels would expand their personnel and material transportation services. The vessels also enabled them to get more contract services and from serving just one rig, their services expanded to serve 5 rigs using three specialized vessels.



Half a decade ago, Cotemar added more specialized vessels. They would deal in the transportation of liquids and solids. They also bought cranes to help with their maintenance works. Two year ago their two semi-submersible rigs, which started being built by COSCO in the year 2012, arrived.



Mission and Values


Cotemar operates following a clear mission to provide leading technology in the energy industry. Their goals are achieved following four values. They are always accountable for their actions and endure to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their services. With each day, the company strive to better their processes so that their customers always get unmatched quality. The company trains theirs staff to execute their duties following the highest ethical standards. And with their culture of innovativeness, they are able to come up with alternatives to ensure that their clients get nothing short of excellence.


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Crime Around the Quincy

The Quincy, an apartment complex in New Brunswick, New Jersey, has become a center of crime in the area. Two serious incidents illustrate this fact and serves as a warning for residents and neighbors to be careful as well as vigilant.

Not long ago police responded to a shooting at the apartments. Residents heard three or four shots ring out and called 911. When police arrived both the suspect(s) and victim were gone. Later the victim turned up at nearby hospital Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital with a guns shot wound, and having arrived there in a private vehicle. Due to possible charges to follow both the victim and suspects identities were initially withheld.

The armed suspect was described as wearing a hoodie, and he had quickly fled the scene. The police were called back to the scene the next day when additional bullet casings were found next to some of the apartment units.

Another incident that occurred was when a pizza delivery man was robbed violently by a man with a gun. He had shown up at the complex after an order was called in, however when he knocked on the door the residents said they hadn’t ordered a pizza. After walking back to his car he was approached by a man with a gun who demanded his money and pizza. Police were able to track down the subject through linking his cell phone to being in that area and at that time. As Chief of Police Raymond Hayducka stated, “In this digital age many criminals leave a footprint, which we just need to find”.

The suspect, Parysh Wood, also goes by the street names “P-Gun” and “Pistol”. He was charged while already in jail for other armed robberies he had committed against pizza delivery drivers. Finding the suspect took four months due to the complexity of tracking him down with cell phone data, but because police investigators didn’t give up they were able to identify and locate the man they believe is responsible for this crime.

There have been numerous other incidents involving drugs, guns, and domestic fighting which makes the area, and The Quincy in particular, a neighborhood that is likely worth avoiding. Unfortunately police are only able to do so much to keep people safe so it seems reasonable that to avoid having yourself or especially your loved ones become the victim of a crime there are better places to seek out to live at.

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