Squaw Valley Officials Release Statement

Recent heavy storms in Squaw Valley’s upper mountain region caused E. coli and coliform bacteria to penetrate the water system in the ski resort’s well system. The reports show that E. coli is no longer detectable and coliform bacteria is much lower now that officials at the resort and local agencies have worked together on solutions to the problem.


Squaw Valley released a statement to assure consumers that they are working hand in hand with experts to resolve any remaining issues with the water. The decision to keep restaurants on the mountain closed is in the best interest of visitors. Skiing services are still in full function. Bottled water is available for guests, free of charge, until the issue is resolved. No customer has reported health issues caused by the formation of the bacteria, as none were exposed to the problem at any time.


The statement released by the resort relates that High Camp and Gold Coast will not reinstate full use of water until experts in the field and health officials agree that it is safe to do so. The Squaw Valley ski resorts continue to monitor the situation and their wish is to provide safety at all levels. Management will update those who visit or wish to visit the resorts when the full restoration of bacteria-free water is achieved.


High Top and Gold Coast resorts take their responsibility to customers seriously. They pride themselves on excellent customer service and this situation does not change that dedication. Water quality is their top priority at this time and public support of the businesses will help see them through this trying time.