Crime Around the Quincy

The Quincy, an apartment complex in New Brunswick, New Jersey, has become a center of crime in the area. Two serious incidents illustrate this fact and serves as a warning for residents and neighbors to be careful as well as vigilant.

Not long ago police responded to a shooting at the apartments. Residents heard three or four shots ring out and called 911. When police arrived both the suspect(s) and victim were gone. Later the victim turned up at nearby hospital Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital with a guns shot wound, and having arrived there in a private vehicle. Due to possible charges to follow both the victim and suspects identities were initially withheld.

The armed suspect was described as wearing a hoodie, and he had quickly fled the scene. The police were called back to the scene the next day when additional bullet casings were found next to some of the apartment units.

Another incident that occurred was when a pizza delivery man was robbed violently by a man with a gun. He had shown up at the complex after an order was called in, however when he knocked on the door the residents said they hadn’t ordered a pizza. After walking back to his car he was approached by a man with a gun who demanded his money and pizza. Police were able to track down the subject through linking his cell phone to being in that area and at that time. As Chief of Police Raymond Hayducka stated, “In this digital age many criminals leave a footprint, which we just need to find”.

The suspect, Parysh Wood, also goes by the street names “P-Gun” and “Pistol”. He was charged while already in jail for other armed robberies he had committed against pizza delivery drivers. Finding the suspect took four months due to the complexity of tracking him down with cell phone data, but because police investigators didn’t give up they were able to identify and locate the man they believe is responsible for this crime.

There have been numerous other incidents involving drugs, guns, and domestic fighting which makes the area, and The Quincy in particular, a neighborhood that is likely worth avoiding. Unfortunately police are only able to do so much to keep people safe so it seems reasonable that to avoid having yourself or especially your loved ones become the victim of a crime there are better places to seek out to live at.

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