Shervin Pishevar’s Eye-Opening Revelations

Shervin Pishevar is a disruptor when it comes to technology, investing, and even social media. He created a tweet storm in February that is still being talked about because of sending out 50 tweets in the span of 21 hours. As an entrepreneur and an early investor in such companies as Airbnb and Uber, he has made it his business to look at what the future of technology is doing.




Shervin called out quite a number of companies during his tweets. Since then, many people have opened their eyes to what’s going on in the world around them. For example, Shervin Pishevar identified a troublesome trend in the United States: monopolies. Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook are all monopolies that we have allowed to exist.


What’s worse is that Shervin Pishevar points out that they have more power than whole sovereign nations. Any time they have competition, they buy up the startup so that they don’t have to deal with it.


Financial Woes

Shervin Pishevar didn’t stop with the monopolies. He also covered the financial problems that many businesses are encountering. He talked about how the stock market was beginning to wobble. Months later, 2017 and 2018 gains have been lost. He also talked about how cryptocurrency was going to lose its value before it would eventually stabilize.



Shervin Pishevar also made a few revelations about competition. This included competition in the United States with regards to how Silicon Valley is no longer the leading city. Instead, it is an idea regarding entrepreneurship. There are many businesses around the globe that are competing with those in Silicon Valley.


Further, the United States has an Old World view on infrastructure. It’s causing us to fall behind in terms of innovation. This is easily proven accurate when a train station can be constructed in China in only nine hours.


Since Shervin created the tweet storm back in February, a number of other revelations have been made, causing him to gain quite a number of followers.

Peter Briger: Helping Bring Fortress to New Levels

Peter Briger is the Co-Chairman for the Fortress Investment group and has been so since 2009. He began his stint at the company during 2006 before being promoted to Co-Chairman. Briger is in charge of both Fortress Investment Group’s credit and real estate activities. The Fortress Investment Group has recently been acquired by SoftBank. SoftBank is a Japanese company that holds the title of being one of the world’s largest investment companies. With it’s acquisition of Fortress Investment Group, SoftBank rises closer towards being the top investment company in the world. Peter Briger and his other two co-chairman for Fortress Investment Group are bringing in a hefty one billion dollars each due to the 3.3 billion dollar acquisition.

Fortress Investment Group will continue to run as it always has. Peter Briger and the other chairman will still have nearly all say in the day to day activities of the company. When asked, the CEO of Fortress stated that the chairmen and top management positions were completely fine with the face that they are now removed from the NYSE and that they are all excited to work as a private and independent company despite the acquisition. SoftBank -The company that acquired Fortress- has over forty years of experience and was established in 1981. The company is invested in over four hundred different Internet-based businesses and continues to grow. It began to evolve and grow exponentially after investing in Yahoo! during it’s peak as an internet business.

Fortress on the other hand is a bit newer. The company has only been around roughly half as long as SoftBank. However, with the combined efforts of Peter Briger and the other top members of the company, the Fortress Investment Group has grown to manage the investments of nearly 2000 different clients. It was an odd decision for SoftBank to invest such a large amount into a company that it will not have much say in how it operates. However, it was an intelligent move. SoftBank specializes in the acquiring of internet businesses. They’re not a specialized investment group. By acquiring an investment company as large as Fortress, SoftBank gives itself key resources for branching into the world of investing. On the other side of the equation, Fortress is now a private company. It’s not publically traded anymore. They also gain access to dozens of Asian companies as resources and partners. So, in the end it’s a double win. Both companies benefit greatly and neither of them sacrifice any control over their company.

Madison Steet Capital build’s their reputation by offering premier financial services in Chicago

Corporate reputation comprises of what various stakeholders such as the employees, customers, shareholders, vendors, suppliers, local communities, government perceive the company to be. It can take a century for a company to build an excellent reputation, but it only takes a moment to destroy it. In the current world where corporate reputation is fragile, organizations both large and small are paying close attention to building and improving corporate reputation as a way increasing their competitiveness. Good corporate reputation has been shown to contribute directly to a company’s competitive advantage and differentiation.


Madison Capital is one of the few companies that have learned the art of building and maintaining corporate reputation. Madison Capital is now acknowledged as a leader in the finance industry. The company has gained reputation by helping high-end clients’ access credit, which is critical to an organizations stability and growth. Some of the firms that have benefited from Madison’s services include Vital Care Industries, a company based in Chicago. Vital Care Industries has been manufacturing sterile medical equipment since the 1980s. Madison Capital offered financial advisory services to Vital Care Industries that enabled the company to access financing from a lender. After completing the transaction, the CEO of Vital Care Industries went to press and announced that he was exceedingly pleased with the results.


Madison Street Capital Leadership

Madison Street Capital is led by some of the highly skilled and experienced professionals in the financial field. The company’s co-founder, Anthony Marsala was recognized for his excellence in transforming the organization by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. This is one of the organizations that appreciate the efforts of various leaders in the business arena. Mr. Marsala received this recognition one year after Madison Street Capital completed the transaction with Vital Care Industries. Mr. Marsala was honored for his contribution in helping Madison Street Capital build a great corporate reputation that has put it ahead of its competitors.


Madison Street Capital’s accolades and awards

Due to their excellence in the financial world, Madison Street Capital has won numerous awards over the last few years. Some of the notable accolades include Turnaround Award, which was given to the company in the first month of 2017 after staging a stellar performance in the previous year. More than three hundred companies were competing for this award, but Madison Street Capital emerged the winner.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has built a reputation for excelling in a field where few other companies have succeeded. Madison Street Capital has built an outstanding reputation for completing mergers within the set timelines. Madison Street Capital values professionalism, one of the reasons it has succeeded in building a great reputation with various stakeholders. Madison capital employs highly skilled and experienced professionals who provide advisory services to corporations and other clients.


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