Play Racquetball Like Sawyer Howitt

Dreaming of becoming a professional racquetball player can seem like an unrealistic goal, but with the dedication of time, hard training and dedication you can make that become a reality. It isn’t something that will happen overnight but if you follow the right steps listed here in this article you will be well on your way to achieving that very goal. A lot of people who work hard to become professionals in racquetball but do not succeed but the benefits that you will receive are immeasurable if you are able to make it.

Research the best path to your training

Planning your strategic plan is often a quick stumbling block for many who start their journey to becoming a professional. You need to look inside yourself and find the reasons you are wanting to go pro in this sport. Is it fame, acquiring wealth, personal fulfillment? Ask yourself these questions and seek out your goal from that point of view. Relating back to these notes can help you make it through those days that are more difficult than others in the future and help continue to motivate you.

Dedicate yourself to the sport and stick to it

Create a plan and stick to it. Modify it if necessary. Work on your weaknesses and improve them. Keep track of your progress as you grow. Of course, invest time working on your skills each day to get better. Obviously, practice makes perfect.

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Find an excellent and motivating coach

Finding an excellent coach is crucial to almost any professional athlete and helping them on their journey to success. It will also be a necessity in helping to push you harder and keep you motivated. They can also spot your weakness easier than you can yourself and push you to do better.

Do the necessary workouts needed for maximum improvement

In order to be a professional racquetball player, you need to be in top physical shape. A lot of people underestimate the importance in this area. According to Sawyer Howitt keep pushing yourself for a few hours each day to get your body ready for its maximum performance.

Convert your skills into finances

It is rough holding a job down and training to be a professional racquetball player but once you start nearing your professional level it is time to start finding a sponsor. Until you are good enough to find companies that will sponsor you to promote their product a good income is to work as a coach to train others in racquetball to earn extra money.

About Sawyer Howitt

Scott Howitt is an Entrepreneurial Athlete who has focused his energy since he was a young child on playing racquetball. He has pushed himself hard to get where he is today.

Today, he is employed with the Meriwether Group.

Sawyer Howitt has worked really hard to bring his talent and knowledge of the sport to become the professional he is today. He is currently recognized as a pro in the sport by the official U.S. Racquetball Association.