Mark Hutchinson: The Wild Wanderer

Mark Hutchinson isn’t your average travel agent. Rather than recommending luxury hotels, he’s the best of the best at trying new things in “nature’s furthest outposts,” according to‘s recent interview. Hutchinson’s newest business venture, WildArk, is committed to conserving both our relationship with nature, and nature herself.


Hutchinson grew up in the outback of Australia, driving dusty roads and experiencing the bigger, wilder side of life. By the time he was 19, he’d traversed the span of Africa, with plenty of stories to show for it and a deep, abiding love of nature in all its forms. Even at that young age, he already known the way he wanted to spend his life: bringing people closer to nature. Soon after he’d acquired his Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Hutchinson started up an adventure company, bringing excited travelers into untamed wilderness to help them experience nature at its finest. Learn more:


The company continued to flourish under his guidance, with the help of his new friend Anton Lategan, owner of EcoTraining. It wasn’t long before Hutchinson decided he’d reached the ceiling of his current education level, and thirsting for new information on running a business, decided to expand his knowledge with an MBA from INSEAD Business School in France. From there, Avana was born and thrived until the company was absorbed into the Vocation Group IPO. Learn more:


It wasn’t until this unhappy circumstance that Mark Hutchinson began to think about both his core values, and those of any future companies he started. A strong connection to the environment and wildlife preservation, mixed with the deep conviction that people needed to reestablish their connection with the outdoors led to the creation of Wild Ark, Hutchinson’s newest business venture.


In Mark’s words,


“Most of us have lost our connection with the bush but we all have it in us. Whether it be planting a tree in your backyard or having birds come and visit, going for a bush walk or surfing and connecting with the water, that part of wild self needs re-building.”


The idea for Wild Ark came through speculation on wildlife conservation. Hutchinson felt strongly about biodiversity and wanted to make a difference in the world of natural preservation. With the success of Wild Ark, it looks like he won’t be disappointed in his efforts and those that support his vision.