Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets for All Baby Teething Needs

Since the early 1900’s when a group of doctors formed their own pharmaceutical collective in downtown Los Angeles. Little did they know that they would be sparking a vast multi generational homeopathic pharmaceutic company that would naturally heal generations for years to come.


It would actually be George H. Hyland, the companies’ namesake that would actually purchase the expanding pharmacy and streamline it into Standard Homeopathic Company, now known as simply as Hyland’s, in 1910.


One of the more popular products to have been developed from the labs of Hyland’s has been the Hyland’s Baby Oral Relief Tablets. Mothers have relied on Hyland’s homeopathic tablets since they were created. The tablets have soothed teething babies for generations by providing the highest quality of natural active ingredients that rely on babies innate ability to heal naturally and be relieved of the growing pains of teething.


Crankiness, irritability, distress and excessive drooling all describe the babies that experience a growing right of passage of teething. As much as it marks a wonderful new milestone of growth for the baby, it can also be a time of fretful anxiety for both mother and child. Hyland’s Baby Oral Relief Tablets have rescued mother and child from the disturbing distractions of burgeoning new teeth and all teething anxieties. The easy melting tablets melt away in the baby’s mouth easily along with the cares and worries of teething and fretful babies.


Using the natural active ingredients,Hyland’s Baby Oral Relief Tablets has been the “go to” homeopathic teething remedy trusted by mothers everywhere who rely on homeopathic remedies as apart of their wholesome lifestyles for their families. It is guaranteed that there are no artificial flavors, dyes or parabens in Hyland’s oral relief baby products.


Hyland’s belief that the body can and will restore itself to wholeness if aided with homeopathic remedies is the basis behind all of its healing oral pain relief family of products and tablets for babies. From The Hyland’s family to yours, relief is just a visit away to the nearest drug store for all of your baby’s teething needs.

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