A Look Into Brazil’s Economic Crisis And Opinions From Experts Like Felipe Montoro Jens

In recent years, Brazil’s fallen victim to the extremities of economic turmoil. In fact, just last year the nation plunged into financial and economic ruin. The National Confederation of Industry pins Brazil’s economic crisis on their poor infrastructure. After the National Confederation of Industry released a detailed report on Brazil’s construction management, it came to light that 517 infrastructure projects were abandoned last year. As a result, Brazil’s economy became paralyzed, and their financial resources depleted by almost $11 billion. No doubt two demoralizing realities, Brazil is entangled in ruin. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at terra.com

Perhaps the most unsettling truth is that Brazil is in no rush to repair their fragile state. According to Jose Augusto Fernandes of the National Confederation of Industry, Brazil seldom exhibits any concern when troubles befall them. What’s more, Fernandes states that Brazil is unable to learn from their prior mistakes, and they refuse to accept the faults within their operations. Felipe Montoro Jens, a project analyst, stepped up to the plate in the hopes of resolving the issues that Fernandes detected. After considerable analysis, Jens concluded that Brazil is experiencing the following problems: expropriation, weakened internal controls, technical difficulties, financial constraints, and inadequate workers.

A combination of all of these setbacks has led Brazil down a disastrous path. Unfortunately, their unwillingness to right their wrongs is profoundly concerning. As an attempt to light a fire under them, Jens urges Brazil to implement the following changes: improve macro planning techniques, offer training to unskilled employees, design more balanced contracts, strengthen ties in internal controls, update technology, and set parameters on finances. Meanwhile, Fernandes encourages Brazil to institute programs that’ll assist in not making the same mistakes in the future. Until Brazil turns their operations around, experts believe that their economy will soon crash and burn.

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