Rocketship Education and Student Acceleration

Rocketship CEO Preston Smith is committed to the design of new school models incorporating fresh approaches to instruction and classroom teaching. A high expectations model is fostered through Rocketship Education, a public charter school based out of California. Classroom management targets individual student achievement through:

  • Performance-based instruction
  • Classroom structure
  • Competent student:teacher ratio

Rocketship Education supports a highly-structured teacher training program for staff employment. A healthy school structure remains paramount to school goals for long-term student success. Curriculum models are designed with safe and effective practicum, with technological access, and individual student support in mind. Rocketship students are provided technological and computer platform instruction over five different programs such as Lexia, myOn, ST Math and Dreambox. Teachers frequently utilize this computer data output for curriculum creation, for small group instruction, customized teaching practices and time management to target all classroom students.

Rocketship Education makes use of the “lab rotation model”: a practice which rotates computer lab time with student instruction intervention. Most importantly, value of technology within the classroom comes down to Rocketship customized curriculum software. This software may be easily queried and manipulated for reports aiding the instructor. Technological applications are geared to advance subsequent personal learning manifested through various model types. For example, students who completed online math programs scored, on average, between 1.5 and 3 percentile points better on standardized assessments. Computer-based programming in fact successfully correlated to overall higher levels of achievement.

Rocketship has additionally partnered with Team America to place college graduates within the teaching profession. This has enhanced the company core mission, at creation, for low-income and/or ESL educational achievement at the local and national levels. QueenHype, a girl empowerment program, was established by Rocketship Education in 2017 for this gap service. Visit the Rocketship Education website for more information. Let quality and safe teaching practices enhance the learning experience.

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