A Brief History in Beauty: The Evolution of EOS Lip Balm

At first there was only a spark of imagination revolving around lip care that would forever change the landscape of the beauty section. A massive amount of research went into developing EOS lip balms, and co-founders Jonathan Teller and Sajiv Mehra set out to conduct market studies. What they found was that lip balms had primarily been purchased by women, but were marketed for both sexes in an extremely dull fashion. They also found that searching in a ladies purse for her lip balm can be very difficult, and also using tins or jars that would require dipping in your finger for application ultimately makes a big mess. Teller and Mehra recognized this significant gap in the market, and the creation of the smooth, round, and hands-free, design of the EOS lip balm had begun. Walgreens was the first company to launch the product, and after a successful run of sales, big box stores, and even companies in other countries, were knocking at the door looking for partnerships. Because of this spike in growth, EOS had to turn down business with some prospects so that they could develop their own manufacturing facility. Marketing also played huge role in elevating the brands’ popularity. With the rising use of social media, EOS started marketing their product through top influencers by matching products with people, and trickling down to followers. Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato have contributed to this by premiering the lovely lip balms in their music videos. It’s no secret that woman of all ages have come to adore and covet EOS lip balms for its fun packaging, super moisturizing textures, and all natural ingredients, but there is more to come from this innovative company as they have launched a full skin care line, stretching beyond the boundaries of lip care.

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