Is Social Media Killing Art Appreciation? Ann Scango Weighs In

In a recent blog post, Austin artist Ann Scango speculates on the effect that the modern social media craze has had upon the world of art. She is joined in her ruminations by Jia Jia Fey, the former director of digital marketing for the Guggenheim Museum. They provide an interesting perspective on the changes in consciousness that have been wrought by our social media obsession.

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In the past, when someone went to a museum there was a certain sense of anticipation. Before the invention of photography museum-goers would have had nothing to go on except word of mouth or maybe a rough sketch. Even long after the invention of photography it was impossible to get the full impact of a great work of art.


All of this has now changed. Thanks to the prevalent and sometimes annoying habit that people have of taking selfies everywhere, images have lost much of their impact. Ms. Fey explains to us that in the past, people just came to the art museum so that they could see great works of art and could say that they had seen them. But now, she says, it is just another excuse to take a selfie and spread the imagery all over the internet. In short, they have ruined the magic.


Ann Scango is a prominent Texan artist who specializes in creating textured works of art that are meant to reflect the inherent connection between humanity and nature. She has been making art and developing her distinctive style since she was very young. She likes to experiment with all sorts of different materials for the creation of her works. She uses industrial materials, carveable foam, and natural materials taken from nature. There is a very strong mosaic feel to her work as she weaves together many disparate threads to make some extremely thought provoking pieces.

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