Trabuco The Ancient War Weapon

A Trabuco is an ancient war machine that was used to shoot projectiles over walls and crush them in its operation is similar to a catapult. The other name identified with this weapon is trebuchet although the initial purpose for making this weapon was to throw stones and rocks in siege warfare situations, they later used them to throw infected bodies of dead persons or animals as a method of biological warfare.

History of the Trabuco
The origin of this weapon dates back to 300BC and is believed to originate from the Chinese who built the first design that was called the traction Trabuco according to The engineering of their invention was simple they made an effort arm then tied ropes to it which then would be pulled by a large group of people to create enough force to throw the object.

The French picked up the Trabuco in 500BC but had operational challenges of controlling the troops who would provide the throwing force this made them invent a concept of a counterweight which made the weapon more powerful throwing loads of up to 140 pounds.

The mechanism of the Trabuco was to transform gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy the size thus placed on the counterweight determines how stronger the projectile will launch. The heavier the counterweight, the higher the velocity in the shell catapulted.

The Tensile Trebuchet
This first traction was operated by humans who pulled the short end attached to it. Its operation was quite challenging because it was capable of giving four shots a minute which depended highly on the efforts of persons operating it, the force applied in pulling strings would not be same every time. Meaning there are times the projectile would miss to hit its target area if the calculation and force applied was done wrong.

The Hybrid Trebuchet
Two Persian soldiers during the Chinese wars built the first counterweight blunderbuss which was very efficient and accurate according to Made with sacks hanging back in the piece of wood, and the pockets are where the projectiles were deposited then the front parts had fixed ropes which were pulled down to release the sling. A range of different sizes was built to carry more weight and throw a more extended scale.

With the invention of gunpowder, trabuco lost its usefulness and canons replaced them. These canons had a harder impact and are easily portable. Trebuchets today are used for fun such as pumpkin throwing championships and for teachers to explain their basic operation mechanisms.

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