Penelope Kokkinides  an Ambitious and Visionary Leader

Before rejoining InnovaCare. Kokkinides filled in for Centerlight HealthCare as Chief Operating Officer. Where she was in charge of the essential bearing of the oversaw mind division, general administration and Vice President for Care Management and a specialty unit of UnitedHealth Group, where she was instrumental in creating and actualizing the organization’s wellbeing model. Having 15 long stretches of human services encounter work in government programs, and the oversaw mind industry.


Kokkinides was one of eight ladies welcomed to the board, During her chance with President Trump she addressed the significance of expanded financing for Medicare Advantage inside Puerto Rico. One of the significant talk points at the gathering was the critical part of ladies in human services. InnovaCare prides itself on giving its individuals the best nature of therapeutic services. Through oversaw mind models that stress financially savvy medications joined with the most recent mechanical advances, they guarantee their individuals are getting the ideal administration. The way to prevailing in this undertaking is using the aptitude of experienced human services experts, similar to Penelope Kokkinides.


I have such an impressive group, to the point that I work with, which is essential to creating thoughts, as well as executing them. I depend on them and the other way around. We have such an extraordinary collaboration, to the point that enables us to be as well as can be expected and which allows our plans to work out as intended. Penelope Kokkinides is an incredible woman figure who throughout the years has depicted extraordinary authority aptitudes. The instruments affecting her impressive works incorporate her instruction and her skills. Having such understanding, she was chosen by Shinto to take one of the official parts in InnovaCare. Penelope Kokkinides filled in as the lead administrator as she has aptitudes in working and actualizing exercises and projects. For quite a while she got different openings yet was reselected as the Chief Administrative Officer of the organization.


For Penelope, being beneficial is about something beyond conveniently completing her undertakings. It’s additionally about remaining educated. She suggests that all business people, paying little heed to their field of premium, set aside the opportunity to find out about the most recent occasions, patterns, and developments in their industry. She says the way to being fruitful is in remaining educated about the things that can affect one’s business. It can likewise help stay a stage in front of contenders.


Louis Chenevert On How Hard Work Can Achieve Anything

Louis Chenevert may be officially retired. But what he has done throughout his career stands as the proof of what can happen when one is dedicated and works hard to make sure their dreams of prosperity come true. From working on production at General Motors to working in aerospace for United Technologies to advising investors at Goldman Sachs, Louis Chenevert is an inspirational man with a great story to tell.

Before the businessman worked for some of the largest corporations on earth, he was a young man from Montreal, Quebec born in 1958. He did not come from riches and knew the value of working hard. He worked himself up to a comfortable, prosperous lifestyle. After gradating college with a degree in production management, he followed his dreams of working as a businessman for General Motors. He oversaw assembly lines where he learned to watch and analyze the details. After several years of working for the large automaker, he knew the auto industry was not his lifelong calling. He ultimately left the automotive industry.

Next, he began working in the aerospace industry. He worked for a company called PWC which is under the United Technologies division. For PWC Louis Chenevert cut production costs by ten percent. What would have taken the company two years to develop an aerospace engine he was able to get it developed within nine months. For United Technologies he oversaw operations. He was able to aid the company in working more efficiently. He ultimately became the chief executive officer of the aerospace manufacturer.

In 1999, he became president of the company. At that time the company had some struggles. Technologies were outdated. Production was not running smoothly. The financial reports were not in the black. As president, Louis Chenevert changed all of that. He brought in new technologies to help the company be able to compete with the modern world. He got the assembly lines running more efficiently. He turned the company around to making a profit. He left his mark on the company before formerly retiring. Today, he is an inspiration to all entrepreneurs everywhere.

Trabuco The Ancient War Weapon

A Trabuco is an ancient war machine that was used to shoot projectiles over walls and crush them in its operation is similar to a catapult. The other name identified with this weapon is trebuchet although the initial purpose for making this weapon was to throw stones and rocks in siege warfare situations, they later used them to throw infected bodies of dead persons or animals as a method of biological warfare.

History of the Trabuco
The origin of this weapon dates back to 300BC and is believed to originate from the Chinese who built the first design that was called the traction Trabuco according to The engineering of their invention was simple they made an effort arm then tied ropes to it which then would be pulled by a large group of people to create enough force to throw the object.

The French picked up the Trabuco in 500BC but had operational challenges of controlling the troops who would provide the throwing force this made them invent a concept of a counterweight which made the weapon more powerful throwing loads of up to 140 pounds.

The mechanism of the Trabuco was to transform gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy the size thus placed on the counterweight determines how stronger the projectile will launch. The heavier the counterweight, the higher the velocity in the shell catapulted.

The Tensile Trebuchet
This first traction was operated by humans who pulled the short end attached to it. Its operation was quite challenging because it was capable of giving four shots a minute which depended highly on the efforts of persons operating it, the force applied in pulling strings would not be same every time. Meaning there are times the projectile would miss to hit its target area if the calculation and force applied was done wrong.

The Hybrid Trebuchet
Two Persian soldiers during the Chinese wars built the first counterweight blunderbuss which was very efficient and accurate according to Made with sacks hanging back in the piece of wood, and the pockets are where the projectiles were deposited then the front parts had fixed ropes which were pulled down to release the sling. A range of different sizes was built to carry more weight and throw a more extended scale.

With the invention of gunpowder, trabuco lost its usefulness and canons replaced them. These canons had a harder impact and are easily portable. Trebuchets today are used for fun such as pumpkin throwing championships and for teachers to explain their basic operation mechanisms.

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