Drew Madden: Why Do Data Breaches Occur?

With so much personal data online in today’s world, people everywhere are naturally worried about the possibility of their information being hacked and falling into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, this happens far more than most people realize. To combat this, more and more healthcare facilities and companies are now trying to find new and innovative solutions to this growing problem. Now considered even more important as CVS and Aetna merge and Amazon becomes a player in the pharmaceutical industry by getting licensed in select states to sell pharmacy-related products, industry experts are carefully evaluating the safety of electronic medical records systems. But to do this as effectively as possible, they are relying on healthcare IT entrepreneurs, such as Drew Madden of Nordic Consulting Partners.

Working with electronic medical records systems for over two decades, Drew Madden has taken the industrial engineering skills learned in college and created one of the most successful healthcare IT companies in the world. As the President and CEO of Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew and his team of IT experts are credited for making numerous types of electronic records systems much safer. By using a variety of techniques from software development and cloud technology to database analysis and network security, Drew has been a key player in being able to analyze systems, discover their flaws, and implement solutions to make them far more secure. In many instances, Drew  Madden discovers the software these systems rely on to process information and keep it safe from data breaches is far past its prime, making the systems extremely vulnerable to a cyber attack. Thus, he consults with his team of experts, and then goes about designing, installing, and troubleshooting systems to ensure all goes well.

As the reputation of NCP has grown over the past decade, so have the company’s annual revenues and list of clients. From earning only $1 million just several years ago, NCP now boasts annual revenues of more than $140 million. And as a result, the company now works with almost 200 clients around the world, demonstrating the confidence clients place in Drew Madden and NCP.

Jeunesse Global helps people operate at their mental peak with M1nd

Psychologists have determined that there is no reliable way to increase people’s intelligence over a long period of time. This may seem like particularly bad news for many as most people would like to improve their mental abilities. But the science is overwhelmingly weighted towards the conclusion that there really is no mental equivalent to exercise. You simply cannot improve your brain’s functioning beyond what you were endowed with at birth.

However, psychologists have found many ways to lower intelligence. This can sometimes cause confusing results, making it seem as if there are ways to make people genuinely smarter when, in fact, all that is happening is the reversal of some intelligence-lowering factor. One of the most consistent ways to lower intelligence has been proven to be sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is a serious problem across most of the United States’ workforce. Almost all working people experience at least mild sleep deprivation. And its effects are cumulative. This is reflected in many studies showing that productivity on Mondays is often much higher than it is on Fridays.

Another way to effectively lower people’s intelligence is to force them to sit and concentrate for longer durations than they’re naturally inclined to do. This is why drugs like Ritalin, which are able to enhance the endurance of users’ ability to focus, often have to apparent effect of increasing the mental abilities of users. Additionally, drugs like Ritalin and Adderall, which are technically classified as stimulants, are able to reverse the effects of sleep deprivation, giving them an even more intelligence-stimulating effect.

But those drugs often have undesirable and even dangerous side effects, making them impractical for use by most ordinary workers. Now, Jeunesse Global, one of the most important health and beauty companies in the world, has developed an all-natural intelligence-boosting energy drink that is able to have the same reversing effects on intelligence-suppressing factors as some of the most potent drugs.

M1nd, as the drink is called, has been proven to increase the ability of users to focus. It has also been shown to increase calculation speeds and give people a general sense of increased mental clarity.